A small breed of dog bursting
with loyalty, charm, intelligence, and a willingness to learn.  


Chihuahua Rescue

Dedicated to the Care & Rehoming of Chihuahuas in Need...

Chihuahua Rescue Victoria was founded by Rita and Mayer in 2015.  This ‘not for profit’ organisation was built on love.  A love for a breed of dog that is often misunderstood, or subjected to negligent pet ownership. 

Rita and Mayer’s Story

Rita and Mayer discovered their love for Chihuahuas back in the 1980’s after adopting a small, but adorably loving boy called Sascha. Soon to follow was Boxley, a mischievous boy that, despite being expelled from 3 disobedience classes,  brought them endless love, fun, happiness and joy.  

Honey – their first rescue…

Despite having no fuel in their tank, Rita and Mayer immediately responded to a phone call about a Chihuahua found wandering the streets.  She was terrified, wouldn’t eat, and didn’t play.  Rita and Mayer kept her safe, and warmed her with love (including home cooked meals and sleeping on their bed)! The search then began for her forever home … which turned out to be her original home!  This first rescue ended with Honey being reunited with a family that loved her, were missing her, and were so ever grateful to to be reunited.  A success story!  

Rescue and Re homing of over 650 Chihuahuas

Since then, Chihuahua pet rescue has rescued and rehomed over 650 Chihuahuas. This included endless vet bills (vaccinations, desexing, check ups, urgent care, microchipping), worming and flea treatments, phone calls, transport and petrol, food and bedding.  But, never once did they regret their decision because the satisfaction outweighed the hard work (and sometimes, heartache). They are also extremely grateful to the many ‘generous and open hearted people’ they have met along the way.  

The future of Chihuahua Rescue Victoria 

Since losing her darling husband Mayer, Rita made the difficult decision to close down Chihuahua Rescue Victoria, and will be referring all rescue and adoption enquiries to One at a Time (OAAT) Pet Rescue.  However, Rita and Mayer’s legacy continues via their online library of success stories, recipes and resources. Read More

Resources & Tips

“The Chihuahua is a dog – despite its size – and must be fed like a dog, not a human. Human food is too processed and will rot their teeth rapidly. Definitely do not feed them cured meats such as bacon, ham etc. Never give them human milk products or chocolates. Nor should you feed them potatoes, onions, grapes or garlic” 

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Over the years, Chihuahua Rescue Victoria has rescued and rehomed over 650 dogs.  Read about the many success stories and how this loving and loyal breed of dog can make the perfect pet. Read More

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