“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated!”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Advocates for All Animals

Supporting the rescue, rehoming, de-sexing and no kill solutions for animals in need

About Us

OAAT have rescued and re-homed over 1000 animals since 2019.  

One at a Time Pet Rescue (OAAT) is a registered charity dedicated to making the world a better place for animals in need. This includes advocating for animal welfare and responsible ownership, and educating the public and pet owners about the importance of desexing and collaborating with other rescue services, pounds and councils.   Founded by Michelle Dryden in 2019, the team now includes rescuers, foster carers, transporters, vets, vet nurses, administration volunteers, sponsors, and local citizens.  In 2021, OAAT added Chihuahua Rescue to its animal rescue and care.

All animals available for adoption are listed on the OAAT facebook page. Our adoption process is one that supports both the animals and their new families. We want to be sure it's not just a match - but the perfect match!

1. Consider how the pets temperament and personality fit with your home and lifestyle
2. Submit your interest via the online application form
3. Meet the pet and their foster carer
4. Home Check and completion of paperwork
5. Welcome your new pet into your family

OAAT Committee

The OAAT committee is made up of 5 amazingly dedicated people who meet regularly to develop future strategies and hold accountability for OAAT's operations, finances and logistics.  They also actively nurture and model the culture of care and advocacy that OAAT has become known for.  The committee members are

President - Michelle Dryden
Vice President - Kim Cranston
Secretary - Michelle McConachie
Treasurer - Peter Olorenshaw
Member - Helen Fox

Roxy and Lola
Benji and Tahnee
Codie and Fergie
Teddy Roostervelt