Finding The Perfect Pet

An adoption process to support both the animals and their new families.

One at a Time (OAAT) rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes hundreds of animals every year.  As part of this process, all animals spend time in foster care where their carer gets to know the animal’s temperament, personality, and energy levels. We share this with you so that you can get a feel for how the pet will fit with your lifestyle, family, future plans and finances (cat’s and dogs can live for up to 20 years!).

So, although it might often feel like a case of love at first sight, we highly recommend you read each animals profile carefully and consider the following….

Personality and Temperament

Is the pet shy, confident, adaptable, fearful, outgoing, laid back, independent, easily excited etc? Does it prefer to nap most of the day, or does it require regular interaction and stimulation (or in the case of a dog, daily walks)? Does the pet have have any special needs (fears, triggers, medical conditions)? How would this pet's personality fit with the dynamic in your household and the expectations you have of your new pet?

Permission and Acceptance

Do you have any existing pets and how would they respond to a new addition to the family? Are all your family members onboard with getting a new pet (eg. no allergies, fears, judgements)


Does the pet require an indoor or outdoor home? If indoors, what do you have in place to be sure your pet doesn't slip out an open window or door? If an outdoor home, do you have suitable fencing and security to keep your pet safe?

Council Regulations

The regulations for pet ownership differs between councils. For example, some require cats to be contained at all times, while others require only night containment. Most councils will provide this information on their website, or you can give them a quick call.

Future Plans

What are your short and long term plans (cats and dogs can live for 20 years)?  Who will look after your pet when you go on holidays? Are you planning to travel, relocate, expand your family etc?

Costs of Pet Adoption

The fee for adopting a OAAT pet is generally between $200 – $450, depending on the type and age of the pet. Being a non-profit organisation this payment goes directly towards the costs associated with the pet's pre-adoption care and vet work (foster care, vet check, de-sexing, microchipping, vaccinations, worm and flea treatments). Once you take your pet home, you will then be responsible for their ongoing care - this includes food, bedding, annual vaccinations, vet check ups, council registration, toys, training, etc. Do your finances allow for these regular expenses?

The following pets are currently available for adoption...

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A sweet young girl…Tessa is a shy girl who is currently raising 4 beautiful kittens.  She does love a pat and can be picked up, but is still …

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