Finding The Perfect Pet

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Chihuahua Rescue

Chihuahua.  A small breed of dog bursting with loyalty, charm, intelligence, and a willingness to learn.  

Rita and Mayer Bram discovered their love for Chihuahuas back in the 1980’s after adopting a small, but adorably loving boy called Sascha. Soon to follow was Boxley, a mischievous boy that, despite being expelled from 3 disobedience classes,  brought them endless love, fun, happiness and joy.  

Then in 2015 they founded Chihuahua Rescue Victoria.  This ‘not for profit’ organisation was built on love.  A love for a breed of dog that is often misunderstood, or subjected to negligent pet ownership.  Over the years they rescued and rehomed over 650 Chihuahuas.

Since losing her husband Mayer, Rita made the difficult decision to close down Chihuahua Rescue Victoria, and will be referring all rescue and adoption enquiries to One at a Time (OAAT) Pet Rescue.  

However, Rita and Mayer’s legacy continues via their online library of success stories, recipes and resources. Read More 

“The Chihuahua is a dog – despite its size – and must be fed like a dog, not a human. Human food is too processed and will rot their teeth rapidly. Definitely do not feed them cured meats such as bacon, ham etc. Never give them human milk products or chocolates. Nor should you feed them potatoes, onions, grapes or garlic” 

Visit the Chihuahua Rescue site for Recipie Ideas

A pet is a great addition to a home and will become a much loved member of your family.  But, it’s important you prepare your home and be sure your pets are safe at all times. Read More

Chihuahua Rescue have compiled a useful list of associations and networks for all Chihuahua lovers. Read More

Finding the Perfect Match

  1. Energy Levels
    Is the pet laid back, playful or energetic.  Does it prefer to nap most of the day, or does it require regular interaction (and in the case of a dog, how many times a day will it require walking?) Does this fit with your lifestyle and time availability?
  2. Personality and Temperament
    Is the pet shy, confident, adaptable, fearful, laid back, independent etc?  How would this pet’s personality fit with the dynamic in your household?
  3. Special Needs
    Does the pet have have any special needs (eg. fears, triggers, medical conditions) and how would you manage and accommodate these?
  4. Future Plans
    Cats and Dogs can live up to 20 years.  What are your future plans?  Are you planning to travel, relocate, expand your family etc.
  1. Housing and Council Regulations
    Will the pet live indoors our outdoors? Does it require specific bedding, fencing or enclosures? The regulations for pet ownership differ between councils.  Make sure you are aware of these.
  2. Do you have permission to have a pet?
    If you are renting, do you have landlord permission?
  3. Holidays
    Who will look after your pet when you go on holidays?
  4. Your existing pets?
    Do you have any existing pets and how would they respond to a new addition to the family?
  1. Adoption Fee
    All OAAT pets are vaccinated, desexed and microchipped prior to adoption.   They will also be up to date with all worming and flea treatments.  This is all covered in the adoption fees (which generally range from $200 – $400 depending on the type and age of the animal).

  2. Ongoing costs
    Cats and Dogs can live up to 20 years.  This is 20 years of feeding, vet care, council registration, toys, training, etc.  Does this fit with your budget and finances?

  3. Unexpected Medical Care
    Although we all hope it never happens, pets can get unexpectedly sick.  How would you financially manage a medical emergency?

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