Make a Difference

All donations are tax deductible and go directly towards the welfare of the animals in our care.

We need You! Our Animals Need You!

One At a Time Pet Rescue is a self funded, ‘not for profit’, organisation. This means that we rely on donations to help make the world a better place for the animals in our care. Your donation is fully tax deductible and will go directly towards an animal’s welfare, including their vet work, food, bedding, and housing. Your donation will also help fund our ‘last litter’ program. It’s a distressing fact but many thousands of animals are dumped, rehomed, or euthanised each year due to unwanted breeding. Put simply – there are often more animals than there are homes for them. The last litter program is a service to the community, supporting loving and responsible pet owners experiencing financial hardship with the option of low or no cost desexing for their pets.

$25 Gift

While animals are waiting for their new homes, they spend time in foster care where they are loved, nurtured and observed for any specific personality traits.

Your donation will help buy food, toys, or treats for our animals while they are in short term foster care.

$50 Gift

Christmas time is kitten season, and for the many kittens found abandoned, surviving as strays, or dumped at the pound, it is a time of struggle, and a potential lifetime of misery.

Help buy formula for our orphaned animals (some who are on 3 hourly feeds)

$75 Gift

OAAT offers free desexing of cats via the 'last litter program! This is to reduce the significant number of cats and kittens that need to be rescued and rehomed due to unwanted or unplanned breeding.

This program is only possible via community donations.

$ Other

It's sadly not uncommon for us to rescue animals that have experienced extreme hardship, trauma and neglect, or find themselves homeless in their senior years. As a 'no kill' rescue we make provide medical attention, and then we make sure they will only ever know love, a warm bed, and a fully belly for the rest of their lives.

Bank Transfer

Account: One at a Time Pet Rescue
BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 173151366

* Make sure you email your details so we can send you a receipt

By Mail

Mail a donation to One at a Time Pet Rescue
PO Box 103
Lang Lang, 3984
Vic, Australia

Contribute Your Time

There's so many ways you can volunteer with One at a Time Pet Rescue and we're so appreciative of anyone who can donate their time.
Foster Care
While they are waiting for their new homes, our OAAT animals spend time in foster care where they are loved, nurtured and observed for any specific personality traits of behaviours. This information is then shared with all future adopters.

We often have animals that need transporting to and from vet clinics, supplies that need collecting, or support with surrenders.

With rescue and rehoming comes paperwork...lots of paperwork. We also have grants that we can apply for and would love assistance with.

Cleaning and Feeding
This is a great opportunity for those who don't have the space for fostering but want to contribute to the care and well being of the animals.

** We're registered as a volunteer organisation with Centrelink, (for anyone needing to complete their 15 hours a week requirement)