We have been contacted about a hoard of cats living in a residential house in Melbourne. After visiting we counted at least 60 cats. Many are pregnant, meaning that in a few weeks this will be 70 cats, and by Xmas this will be well over 100 cats. This dreadfully sad situation is a result of cats acquired as pets and not desexed. The inbreeding will cause some of the kittens to be born with deformities, and others will die. Those that survive will continue the unwanted breeding cycle and live a life of hardship and misery, competing for food and shelter. We simply don’t have the resources to take everyone so are making the gut- wrenching decision of who we take.  We are then connecting with other rescues to be sure no one is left behind. It’s heartbreaking. Our carers were already at capacity but have opened up extra spaces in their homes for those who are pregnant or have the greatest need. We have taken 20 into care and going back again today to rescue more. We are also connecting with other rescues and so grateful for their support.


The Rescue to Adoption Process

As we rescue each cat we will identify if they are male or female and assess their health and overall wellbeing. Every single cat will be given a name, because they matter!  Those needing urgent care will be escalated in priority and taken directly to the vet (a vet we know and trust). All others will go to foster homes where they will have warm beds, nurturing and food.  During their time in foster care their personalities will be assessed and they too will visit the vet to be sure they are microchipped, vaccinated and desexed.  They will then be ready for adoption. These cats will never know hardship again.

The costs to our rescue will be significant. If you can help in any way, we would be so grateful. A donation fund has been set up especially for these cats.

Thank you for your support...

The following cats are just some of the cats that have been rescued and are currently being assessed